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Glasgow University MBA Induction:

1-(MBTI) 2009

2-FIRO-B 2009

Seeing what no one else is seeing ! ...

Thinking what no one else is thinking ! ....

We live in a world of mediocrity - Everything claims to be better but actually everything is the same.

We employ; similar people with ... similar qualifications at ... similar salaries to use ... similar software on ... similar machines to deal with ... similar customers with similar needs so that we can sell them ... similar products at ... similar price to those of our ... similar competitors!

The Americans are certainly the most creative. Their silicon valley is full of talented Americans, Chinese, Indians and many other nationalities. This diversity has created a hot bed of ideas which are radical, risky, new and most of all are very successful. Think of the last breakthroughs and then of the future ones.... with which and with how many were we involved?

Do you think you can create similar opportunities? We - Gener8Academy - are different - which may be fetal - but, we are trying our best to avoid mediocrity and to give you and your Business good benefits

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