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Creativity workshops (public and in house). One to four Days ....
2 Post MBA elective.
3 Seminars ...
4 Intervention & cascades ...
5 Product & Service Breakthrough ...





CPSM, managers at work

Creativity, Ideation & Breakthrough

Change this text ;; Gener8, is Scotland's foremost creativity, ideation consultants. Specialising in finding Creative Opportunities and new solutions.

Taking the unique qualities and the special "feel" of institutions like yours and communicating them with an instant, emotional connection. We are located in Glasgow and work nationally, serving professionals exclusively in higher education; medical; financial institutions science & engineering and industry since 1995. Gener8 has pioneered paradigm changing processes. Paradigms which block the path to ideation has to be stretched or broken to achieve radicality. These processes, which can use any medium such as arts, design, rhetoric, photographic and conceptual imagery, or canvas, is designed to induce an emotional reaction and connection on the part of the individual and thence the institution. Its ultimate aim is to free you from the grip of outdated paradigms. It combines strategy, change, marketing, popular psychology, and design. It renders them within your reach. It appeals to the forward looking and perceptive individual. ...... Our approach is a Fourth Generation approach. There exists a large number of frameworks and approaches that will be at your disposal and are successfully used besides a large body of research.5



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