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People Skills - Personal


11 Self Awareness
11 Avoiding work related stress
11 Time in your hand
11 Rational & Creative Problem solving
11 FIRO-B - Leadership



Self Awareness

This first of the three sessions on personal skills establishes the foundation for subsequent discussions of managing stress and solving problems. In other words, when people experience problems among their core personal dimensions (emotional intelligence, personal values, learning style, orientation toward change, core self-evaluation, FIRO-B and MBTI), then these problems are often symptomatically manifested in other areas such as stress or problem solving. Becoming an effective manager or leader begins with a process of self-awareness and this session provides valid content and assessment tools for achieving this self-knowledge. Managers that fail to know and understand themselves would very likely experience problems understanding and managing others. The same could be said for people in general; knowing oneself is an essential prerequisite to personal growth and to the development of good interpersonal relationships.

Executive Development: .....  Self Awareness; .... Emotional intelligence; ... Ethics; ... Learning style; .... Orientation toward change; .... Core self-evaluation; .... FIRO-B and MBTI),

Favoured by Professions: .....  Scientists, .. Doctors & Allied professions, ... Lawyers, .. Teachers, .. Leadsers & managers, .. Civil Engineers

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