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People Skills - Group - Leadership


11 Empowerment & Delegation
11 Building effective teams
11 Leading positive change
11 Leadership & its Pitfals in difficult times
11 Facilitation of Groups
11 Facilitation of groups



Leading Positive Change

The third chapter of three group skills chapters in Part III, Chapter 10 expands on the role of the leader, outlining what leaders must do in times of organizational change.  In particular, the chapter is concerned with creating a framework which provides stability in a time of change, establishing a vision for change, helping followers prepare for change and become committed to the vision, and finally, institutionalizing the vision. 


Executive Development Approach: .....  a- Time orientation instruments, .. management  & ballance.. b- MBTI Approach

Favoured by Professions like: .....  Leadsers & managers, .. Civil Engineers, .. Architects, .. Technologists, .. Scientists, .. Doctors & Allied professions, ... Lawyers, .. Teachers & Headteachers, ..


Benefits & Aims: .....  Two approaches = a- Stressors Approach; .... b- MBTI Approach and this is quite good for health

Proposed Contents: ..... The Content is dependent upon the candidate mix, The workshop will include a core elenent plus elective topics from below


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