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11 Avoiding work related stress
11 Time in your hand
11 Rational & Creative Problem solving
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Monochronic or Polychronic Time Orientation.

Time Management, is not just about diaries. It is about your way of life and leadership both in business and personally. New and up to date research in "Time Perspective" shows a relationship to many other factors both in business and life. We use these correlated instruments to help you have more time in your hand.

All managers have multiple demands on their time, but they differ in the way that they manage these time demands. Researcher Allen Bluedorn and his colleagues explain that people with monochronic time orientations prefer to do one thing at a time, focus on the immediate task, and adhere to schedules. People with a polychronic time orientation prefer to do many things simultaneously, focus on relationships and process, and are likely to change plans often. Northern European, North American, and industrialized Asian cultures tend to be monochronic. Southern European, Central and South American, Middle Eastern, and nonindustrialized Asian cultures tend to be polychronic. Take the assessment yourself to assess whether you have a polychronic or monochronic orientation toward time.

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