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People Skills - Personal - Creative


11 Self Awareness
11 Avoiding work related stress
11 Time in your hand
11 Rational & Creative Problem solving
11 FIRO-B - Leadership



Solving Problems Analytically & Creatively

This is the last of three chapters on personal skills. Problem solving builds on the foundation of self-awareness and stress management because creativity suffers if we have low self-awareness and poor stress management skills. Although analytical problem solving is applied more frequently, creative problem solving is especially critical for career success.

Everyone is a problem solver in daily life; on the job, managers are expected to solve problems almost constantly. Three core attributes of problems help determine what kind of approach individuals should take to solving them. .........(1) Are the outcomes predictable? ...  (2) Is sufficient information available? and ..... (3) Are the means-ends connections clear? When the answers to these questions are “yes,” then analytical problem-solving methods can be used. When the answers are “no,” creative problem solving is required. Constraints must be overcome in order to effectively implement either creative or analytical problem solving.

Executive Development Approach: .....  a- Time orientation instruments, .. management  & ballance.. b- MBTI Approach

Favoured by Professions like: .....  Scientists, .. Doctors & Allied professions, ... Lawyers, .. Teachers, .. Leadsers & managers, .. Civil Engineers, .. Architects, .. Technologists, ..


Benefits & Aims: .....  Two approaches = a- Stressors Approach; .... b- MBTI Approach and this is quite good for health

Proposed Contents: ..... The Content is dependent upon the candidate mix, The workshop will include a core elenent plus elective topics from below


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