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11 Supportive Communication
11 Perswasion the art of influencing
11 Gaining Power & Influence
11 Motivating Others
11 Conflict management
11 Negotiate Effectively - Classic
11 Negotiations -TU vs Management
11 Negotiations - Missiles of October




Building Relationships by Communicating Supportivelylineshort


The first of four sessional Workshops on interpersonal skills, this session builds the foundation for subsequent sessions on power, motivation, and conflict. Supportive communication principles are closely related to such concepts as empowerment, collaboration, and facilitation, which will be covered in these sessions. In addition, supplemental sessions in People Skills Lab cover the specific communications skills of making presentations, conducting interviews, and holding meetings. These supplements are dependant upon the communications sessional Workshop. The skill most often rated as essential in effective management is competent interpersonal communication, we call it supportive communication, as it conveys support to the person receiving the message. It is the key to empowering individuals.
Supportive communication is treated differently in this session than in most OB or some management literature, where the focus is usually on the accuracy of message delivery and the processes of sending, receiving, and interpreting messages.

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