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People Skills - InterPersonal - Power


11 Supportive Communication
11 Perswasion the art of influencing
11 Gaining Power & Influence
11 Motivating Others
11 Conflict management
11 Negotiate Effectively - Classic
11 Negotiations -TU vs Management
11 Negotiations - Missiles of October



Gaining Influence and Power

This is the second of four major skill sessions on interpersonal skills. Along with “Supportive Communication”, which focuses on coaching, counseling, and supportive communication, it is a foundation skill presenting fundamental principles that are refined in later skills sessions on motivation and conflict management. The skill sessions focuses on two sources of power (personal and position), as well as on the process of transforming power into influence. This process involves selecting the appropriate influence strategy and acting assertively when necessary. Two points shall be established early in the discussion: .... (1) power does not equal influence, and ..... (2) one's motivation for seeking power is a major determinant of one's level of influence.
Attitudes about power vary among individuals and among cultures. Some perceive it negatively, treating it as an unsavoury topic or a taboo. These people usually associate the use of power with those who are “power hungry”, abuse it, or use power for personal gain. Others view it more positively, or at least, realistically. This perceptive associates power with the ability to gain cooperation from others and to get things accomplished in positive ways.

Favoured by Professions like: .....  Scientists, .. Doctors & Allied professions, ... Lawyers, .. Teachers, .. Leadsers & managers, .. Civil Engineers, .. Architects, .. Technologists, ..




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