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People Skills - InterPersonal - Motivation


11 Supportive Communication
11 Perswasion the art of influencing
11 Gaining Power & Influence
11 Motivating Others
11 Conflict management
11 Negotiate Effectively - Classic
11 Negotiations -TU vs Management
11 Negotiations - Missiles of October



Motivating Others

Relationship Between Satisfaction and Performance

This is the third session on interpersonal skills. Therefore, it not only builds on the foundation of the personal skills sessions, but also on the two previous skills sessions about communication and power and influence. This session uses expectancy theory as its theoretical core, to which we've added a number of behavioural modification and leadership principles. This integrated framework is used as the backdrop for a six-step approach to improving the performance of subordinates. This format lends itself to a thoughtful, systematic diagnosis of performance deficiencies and points out the value of both analytical and behavioural skills. Just as managers must understand the factors that influence high or low performance, they must also know how to use rewards and discipline appropriately to shape specific behaviours. Employee motivation and performance are increasingly viewed as key resources in helping organizations improve the productivity, quality, customer relations, etc. Few subjects receive more ongoing attention in organizations. Regardless of the organizational setting, managers face a common challenge of fostering a motivating work environment.

Executive Development Approach: .....  a- Time orientation instruments, .. management  & ballance.. b- MBTI Approach

Favoured by Professions like: .....  Scientists, .. Doctors & Allied professions, ... Lawyers, .. Teachers, .. Leadsers & managers, .. Civil Engineers, .. Architects, .. Technologists, ..

Benefits & Aims: .....  Two approaches = a- Stressors Approach; .... b- MBTI Approach and this is quite good for health

Proposed Contents: ..... The Content is dependent upon the candidate mix, The workshop will include a core elenent plus elective topics from below


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