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People Skills - Personal


11 Self Awareness
11 Avoiding work related stress
11 Time in your hand
11 Rational & Creative Problem solving
11 MBTI -
11 FIRO-B - Leadership



Skills Development, Memorable amid mundane.

When Innovation takes place, fundamental change may follow. Gener8 supports the development of senior executives who will require a battary of new skills or just to inhance and update their existing skills. The skills we impart are painstakingly originated in our Skills Lab to meet your requirements carefully.

We seek to empower individuals and organisations to reach their full potential. Our approaches influence everyone from business leaders to consumers.

PIPS (Personal & Interpersonal Skills) is a crucial part of Business and Personal Training armory. For us, it grew out of frastration with conventional methods used to little effect. They were like diet advice - rerely effective. We have developed and use unique methods where the practical relevance is not dificult to discern. Choose a skill that you want to improve, below:


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